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  1. Please dress your baby in something that zips up/buttons and will not have to go over their head (if possible). This helps keep them calm while we get them ready for the shoot.

  2. Please make sure to keep baby AWAKE for 2 hours before coming to the studio, it is ok if they fall asleep on the car ride over.

  3. My studio is very warm (to keep baby happy), so I suggest you dress in layers so you are comfortable.

  4.  If you are breastfeeding, some foods can bother baby's tummy and keep them from sleeping/having a good session. I suggest avoiding:

    • Acidic foods such as lemons, oranges, berries, pizza, spaghetti, chilli and tomato products

    • Gassy vegetables such as asparagus, onions, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower

    • Also restrict drinks such as soda, coffee, and beer.  

  5. Even if your baby isn't using one, please bring a pacifier to the session, in case they need to be soothed while they are being positioned.  Taking a pacifier for such a short duration will not affect their nursing at all. 

  6. Please feed baby just before leaving for your session. Depending on your baby, you may need to feed again at some point during the session, so if you have any special items you need (nipple shields, covers, bottles, formula) please bring them with you. If it is possible to have a bottle with extra milk/formula for baby, this is usually the fastest, easiest solution for feeding during the session if it’s necessary.

  7. I suggest wearing neutral colors (white, black, soft blues, pinks, grey, etc)  Please no patterns or logos as they distract from the beauty of your faces!  You may want to bring a change of clothing - adults can get a little sweaty in the warm studio, and babies have a habit of going potty during family portion.