Location, location, location...

It seems like everyone only thinks of the same few spots to take family photos, when our area is just brimming with potential and interesting spots! Feel free to comment with additional ideas if you have any to share!

Here are some of my favorites and some that I am dying to shoot at!

  • Amherst State Park - So many different settings in one park… tall grass, low grass, woods, creek, field, old stone steps, you name it, it’s probably here!

  • Tifft Nature Preserve - Another versatile spot! Roaming hills, fun rocks, wooded, high grasses, wooden boardwalk over ponds, pathways, and all kinds of hidden gems!

  • Cobblestone District - think old brick buildings, brick streets, old doorways, rustic downtown for sure.

  • Murals - There are fun murals and painted walls/buildings popping up all over downtown, any of these can make for a fun spot to grab some shots!

  • Glen Falls Park - This is a popular one for the weddings, and I see lots of family here too, I prefer to venture off the path, and find different spots that aren’t typically used. (stone walls, creek beds, wooded paths, old stone walls, small waterfalls, etc.

  • 3 Sisters Island - Nature, the river, bridges, wooded, very scenic.

  • Beaver Island State Park - this spot has a sandy beach area, fielded areas with grasses, and wooded areas!

  • Woodlawn Beach - Big wide beach with sandy dunes and grasses! Another of my favorites!

  • Times Beach - grassy and lake views, quickly becoming a favorite!

  • Sturgeon Point - Rocky Beach, tall cliffs, beautiful lake, very quiet!

  • Main Street Williamsville/East Aurora/Lewiston - enjoy the iconic and quaint spots to explore unique photo ops!


  • Botanical Gardens - Always a great spot for those not so nice weather days!

  • Delaware Park - The options… Rose Garden, Hoyt Lake, the willows, the stone bridge, the grasses, the hills, the steps, the art museum…. where to stop?!

  • The Buffalo History Museum - Japanese Gardens, Cherry Blossoms, pretty little lake, marble steps and pillars!

  • Knox Farms - grasses, hills, wooden fences, paths, old houses, climbing ivy, barns, old greenhouse, just perfection!

  • …more to come!

    I am also known to find an out of the way spot that is random and odd, so don’t ever be shy in telling me your ideas and thoughts, I may just have the spot for your vision!

cloudy with a chance of sun...

Each and every one of these kiddos has an amazing personality!  They were so much fun to get to know!  After dealing with weather issues, we lucked out and the sun even graced us with its presence!  I couldn't have been more pleased!

Buffalo Newborn Family Photographer LaDota__0104.jpg
Buffalo Newborn Family Photographer LaDota__0105.jpg

Let the Love Shine Through,