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cold and grumpy...

Oh how I love Miss Pem's little attitude and her commitment to the side eye!  I was told we wouldn't get her to smile much, I think we did pretty good!  The funniest part was that she would smile and then frown because she didn't want us to win!  She's too gorgeous whether its a steely eye stare or a beautiful smile!  

Let the Love Shine Through,

cloudy with a chance of sun...

Each and every one of these kiddos has an amazing personality!  They were so much fun to get to know!  After dealing with weather issues, we lucked out and the sun even graced us with its presence!  I couldn't have been more pleased!

Buffalo Newborn Family Photographer LaDota__0104.jpg
Buffalo Newborn Family Photographer LaDota__0105.jpg

Let the Love Shine Through,

a wander through the woods...

I had so much fun hanging out with this family!  We traipsed through the woods, frolicked over a bridge, and hiked up a little hill!  This adventure family let me do whatever I wanted, so we had a bit of fun, and I made them get in the creek, which was probably their favorite part!

Buffalo Newborn Family Photographer LaDota__0098.jpg
Buffalo Newborn Family Photographer LaDota__0099.jpg

Let the Light Shine Through,