snips and snails and puppy dogs tails...

Congratulations to this family!  Love is so special!  Enjoy this sweet little guy who was a ROCK STAR during his session and barely made a peep!  I love those sleepy babies!

Buffalo Newborn Family Photographer LaDota__0148.jpg
Buffalo Newborn Family Photographer LaDota__0149.jpg

a cozy maternity...

We snuggled up in the studio to do a classic maternity session!  Doesn't this mama just GLOW!! She looks so fantastic!  And proud papa isn't too shabby himself!  Can't wait to meet their precious little one!

Let the Love Shine Through!

cold and grumpy...

Oh how I love Miss Pem's little attitude and her commitment to the side eye!  I was told we wouldn't get her to smile much, I think we did pretty good!  The funniest part was that she would smile and then frown because she didn't want us to win!  She's too gorgeous whether its a steely eye stare or a beautiful smile!  

Let the Love Shine Through,