snips and snails and puppy dogs tails...

Congratulations to this family!  Love is so special!  Enjoy this sweet little guy who was a ROCK STAR during his session and barely made a peep!  I love those sleepy babies!

Buffalo Newborn Family Photographer LaDota__0148.jpg
Buffalo Newborn Family Photographer LaDota__0149.jpg

oh my how they grow...

This little cutie is the son of a young woman who I babysat when I was a high school student, back in my hometown East Aurora!  It brings back so many memories, and I am thrilled to meet this little man, and to catch up with Lindsay!  And the icing on the cake, her TWIN sister is pregnant!  I can't wait to get her baby in my studio as well!  I adored these young ladies and they were one of my absolute favorite families to babysit for!  I just can't gush enough!!!!

Buffalo Newborn Family Photographer LaDota__0132.jpg
Buffalo Newborn Family Photographer LaDota__0133.jpg

Let the Love Shine Through,

bowties and birthdays...

Happy Birthday Rowan!  This little guy was super adorable and flirty, but had no interest in his cake!  What is wrong with these kids not liking cake?!?  Cake is my favorite!  Then we washed him off and he decided he didn't like the tub pics either!  But boy was he working his charm in the beginning!  

Buffalo Newborn Family Photographer LaDota__0136.jpg

Let the Love Shine Through,